Wish Upon a Jackpot

Wish Upon a Jackpot Slot Review & Free Play

Wish upon a Jackpot is an online casino slot game produced by Blueprint Gaming. The theme behind this slot game is based around a fairy godmother who attempts to make your wishes upon a Jackpot come true. You are probably wondering what makes this online slot so special? You are also probably thinking that is looks like any ordinary magical themed slot? Well that is incorrect. There are reasons why this slot machine is so popular, and in this review, you will find out. Wish Upon a Jackpot is compatible with both web and mobile devices.

Looks & Feel

Aesthetically, Wish Upon a Jackpot is hard to beat. The graphics are of such high quality and the scenery is amazing. The setting of the slot is in a magical, woodland area. In this background there are some excellent looking trees and plants that look very welcoming as though they’re there to greet you into the mythical land, hence the bridge platform at the bottom. Also, some bright lanterns swing down from the branches to shed some light on the flat mud surface path that awaits the player. Players can also witness the purple skies between thee trees, all adding to the sense of magic. The slot reels themselves sit upon a golden thin rimmed border with a partly transparent black backdrop. All the symbols are glowing with lovely 3D animations and shaped to match the theme. Wish Upon a Jackpot is a 5-reel slot with 20 pay lines. Players can place betting stakes from 20p up to £50 per spin. The maximum pay out for a player can total a whopping 1,000x their original betting stake. The higher value symbols in this casino slot game are as follows: A Golden Harp, a Castle, Cinderella’s Shoe, the Game Logo. The lower value symbols are the generic playing cards found in most online slot games: 10, J, Q, K and A. The wild symbol in Wish Upon a Jackpot is the symbol with the frog on the lily pad and the word Wild written on the lily pad. The scatter symbol in this online casino slot is the Fairy-tale story book. Players should also be aware of the fairy godmother flying about the reels, she can randomly appear on any spin and reward a selection of prizes which are all related to the fairy-tale theme.

Bonus Features

The main bonus feature to this casino slot is the fairy-tale bonus feature. This bonus feature can be triggered by landing 3 of the fairy-tale story book scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. The bonus feature you achieve off doing so is random, but here are your options:

Rumpelstiltskin Deal Maker: Players can either choose to accept or reject a multiplier. Players reject multipliers in hope of getting a better one, however, if you don’t fancy your chances then maybe you would prefer sticking to the one offered to you. Players can reject the offer a maximum of 5 times before automatically having to accept the prize.

Jack and the Beanstalk: Players can pick magic beans in order to make the beanstalk grow. The beanstalk can continue to grow until players hit the collect button. If players are able to reach the top of the beanstalk, they can activate a Golden Goose Egg, this is extremely valuable as it will activate a big win, guaranteed.

The Three Little Pigs Free Spins Feature: Players are offered an unlimited amount of free spins, yes that’s right, UNLIMITED! But before you get to excited, note that they are only unlimited until the Big Bad Wolf comes and blows their houses away. As well as free spins, random wilds are added to the reels.

Rapunzel’s Free Spins Bonus: This is the second bonus feature in Wish Upon a Jackpot that offers Free Spins to its players. With this bonus feature, Prince Charming is spotted on the 5th reel. He can climb the tower seen on the machine, the higher he climbs, the bigger the multiplier. When Prince Charming reaches the tower, the round will end.

Already, that is a lot of bonus features to take in, but that’s not the end. It wouldn’t be completed without a Fairy godmother bonus feature. The fairy godmother bonus was briefly touched upon earlier. This is a feature that randomly awards prizes. 3 orbs appear on the screen. Players choose from the orbs and they can win one of the followings:

Pinocchio Wilds: This can turn regular symbols into wild ones, anywhere on the reel.

Wild Reels: This feature can show the famous gingerbread man making reels full of wild symbols.

Puss in Wilds: Puss in Boots can be spotted jumping on the screen in order to create wilds.

Bonus Awards: This can activate 1 of the 4 bonus games.

Fairy Win Spin: This will award a spin to players with the guarantee of a win!

Wish Upon A Jackpot Free Play

You can try before you buy with our Wish Upon A Jackpot Free Play.

Wish Upon a Jackpot RTP

Wish Upon a Jackpot has an RTP which ranges from 92.46% to 95.26%. This is below the industry average and especially the lowest range is considerably low, which is quite hard to believe due to the amount of bonus features, but don’t let that deceive you as you should be aware not ever spin equals a win.

Wish Upon a Jackpot Verdict

Wow, where do we begin? What an amazing all-round video slot this is. It is clear to see why this online Vegas casino slot has huge popularity. There is so much about it, from the amazing graphics and phenomenal gameplay. There isn’t a lot you can doubt it for, other than maybe the RTP score. If you haven’t tried this highly competitive slot game then you are missing out, this is a fan favourite so why not get involved? Planet Fruity also offer the possibility of a Free Play mode so you can put it to the test before you spin. Gamble Responsibly, Tc apply.