Cartoon Slots

Cartoon Slots

Cartoon Slots have always been a great way of adding comedy to slot games. With hundreds and hundreds of slots saturating our online casino sites, it is difficult to find the perfect one for you to play. There are so many different genres of games that it all depends on your tastes and preferences. However, it would be difficult to find a punter that would not be satisfied with a Cartoon themed slot. Cartoon slots are great as they are a way of bringing back some childhood memories for customers, something that is enough to persuade any slot fan in. They also can bring comedy to a casino, a feature that you can’t really add to many casino games and that is why it is a special feature, it helps take away some of the pressures for players, so that they can enjoy a well-designed slot game, find entertainment from it and also win some cash! Cartoons have always been a huge popularity on our TV screens, so the fact that we are now at a point where these shows that we used to love on TV are being converted into a game that can actually win us money, it becomes even more exciting.

In this review, we will analyse what makes a great cartoon slot and which slots at Planet Fruity can you experience and enjoy, with a chance of winning some persuasive amounts of funds for your casino betting account.

Best Cartoon Themed Slots

It really comes down to a matter of opinion when discussing which are the best cartoon slot games. This is because players will favour cartoon slots that are based on a certain theme or genre they recognise. A perfect example is a slot based on a TV Show, if it is a cartoon that you are familiar with and used to love, then surely it will be ranked in your top slot games?

At Planet Fruity, what we have done is based our Top 10 cartoon slots based on a majority opinion by players. We have sourced the most played and best rated slot games under this category based on a variety of tests and checks. Here are our Top 10:

Top 10 Cartoon Themed Slots

  1. Jack Hammer


Whether it be through games or TV shows, if it is a drama, and involves a detective, there is always going to be popularity around it. This cartoon slot involves a detective fighting against the Evil Dr Wuten. Net Entertainment have pulled out all the stops with this one, including a Free Spins bonus feature that allows you to win up to 30 free spins each time! Also, a sticky win feature that can be hugely rewarding.

jack hammer slot








  1. Doctor Love



This cartoon themed slot is based around the main character, known as Doctor Love. In this slot, expect to see Doctor Love being the man crush for attractive female characters. Symbols include teddy bears, pocket wages and stethoscopes. The theme intertwines a hospital with a flirtatious doctor, contradicting the generic thoughts and feeling around a hospital! Bonus features for this slot include a gamble feature. This is a great feature that players love. It involves great risk but has a great reward of potentially doubling your current winnings. There is also a free game feature included. Play it Now at Planet Fruity.


doctor love







  1. King Kong Cash




King Kong is a global success as a film series, so it makes it very exciting for fans when you have excellent developers in Blueprint Gaming turning it into a very successful online slot game. Packed with bonuses including “Sleepy Kong” which can create 1 of 4 different bonuses and then the King Kong Bonus which again can win 1 of 4 bonuses, that include either free spins or a multiplier!


king kong cash slot







  1. Family Guy



Family Guy has brought create comedy to our screen, they have always been the ones that take it just that little bit to far, and that is exactly why fans love it! One of the funniest TV shows has been converted into one of the most rewarding slot games. Huge multipliers and free spin bonuses are included, as well as all your favourite characters converted into the symbols of the slot!











  1. Merlin’s Millions




Merlin’s millions are here to win you millions! There are 4 different bonus features to this game, creating high chances of big wins! Adventure into the magical forest and use the spell books to help you create huge wins. This slot has excellent graphics, what more do could you want from an online slot.



merlins millions








  1. Secret of the Stones



Another excellent production by Net Entertainment. This online slot has amazing graphics to go with the mystical, pre-roman era theme. Delve deeper into the game by turning your sound on and listening to the chilling soundtrack.









  1. Top Cat



If you haven’t heard of Top Cat before, it was a highly popular cartoon based around some Manhattan alley cats, this is a great slots for players to reminisce and also take it one step further and win some cash off their excellent bonus features, which include a “Masterplan” feature, which awards players with free spins and also a progressive jackpot!

top cat







  1. Slots ‘O’ Gold



It wouldn’t be a top 10 if there wasn’t a single Irish slot mentioned. Well this Irish slot powered by Blueprint Gaming is a great slot game to win you a pot of gold. Bonus features including a Rainbow Respin and Progressive Jackpot! The wild symbol to this game is a lucky leprechaun, making the theme even more enjoyable.












  1. Mustang Gold



Taking you back into the western times of America, where notorious riders who own one of the most precious horses, a mustang. Well with Mustang Gold slot, you can be notorious and win up to 12,000x your betting stake! Huge Jackpot features are included in this game and it has amazing graphics to go with it.


mustang gold







  1. God of the Sea



This under water slot game is an excellent online slot created by the infamous Playson. In this slot, you will be the God of the Sea. This modern slot can create pay outs of up to 37,500 coins. This slot comes with awesome graphics and moving animations.


god of sea






Best Slot Developers

With so many slot developers globally, it has created huge competition between them. This is great for customers as it means that developers are producing their very best pieces of slot games. Cartoon slots is a category where this has been apparent. It is obvious which slot providers produce consistent, highly recommendable slot games in the industry as a whole and not just for fans of cartoon slots. The names that keep popping up are the likes of IGT, Playtech, Netent, NYX, Microgaming and so many more! You could list so many other companies, but these developers appear more frequent than others.

Slot Features

There are so many different slot features that could be included in a slot game that could instantly draw in the attention of a slot player. With hundreds of different slots, developers are reaching new heights of creativity in their new releases of games and are finding new ways to represent bonuses and other big win opportunities. The difficult part to this is tying it in with the theme.

For example, in a cartoon slot, the slot features may be based around characters, or a piece of action that used to occur during the cartoon programs on TV, which are good to work with and turn into money making strategies.

Bonus features is a huge part of any slot game. It not only adds a way of winning big, which is very exciting for players. But it also adds great entertainment and recollection to players that are playing it to reminisce the days they used to watch it. Remember that the more bonus features in a slot does not necessarily mean you will win more in comparison to another slot. If you want to compare your chances of winning, you must compare their RTP. Also note that different bonuses will award you with different amounts, some bonus features will reward you with cash, which is the ultimate prize that players look for. Whilst others can award you with symbol freezes, to increase your chances of winnings and also Free Spins. Free Spins are very common in slot games and they are also very useful. Free Spins are basically comparable to risk free bets, you can win money from them without having to spend a penny. You can find free spins available in a lot of casino bonuses that can be used on slots, for example, cartoon themed slots.

Jackpot Bonuses are another slot feature included in a lot of games. Progressive Jackpots are very exciting, they have been known to turn players into millionaires! Well with some slot games, they have the progressive jackpot feature included and a small percentage of your spin fee is placed into a jackpot, which you have a chance of winning.


New slot players and unexperienced casino punters can sometimes get confused with the meaning behind RTP and what it represents, so here is a short summary. The RTP of a slot is extremely important, it stands for “Return to Player”. The easiest way to describe it to any customer, is that if a game has an RTP of 97%, then that means if you were to play 100 spins of £1, you can expect to win £97 back! Remember that this is a statistical average, so you cannot expect to win that specific amount each time. On some occasions, you may win higher and other occasions may reward you with a lower amount.